The Workroom in Winter – 2015

A brief interruption in what begins to be the season of red and green all day, every day!

A new session of The Workroom is forming, and I wanted to let you know. Perhaps you’d like to put something for yourself on your Christmas list? The dates are 5 January to 13 February – six weeks to pursue a creative project (and that can encompass many, many things – if you wonder about what you have in mind, please email me at – I’m betting your project would work).

More information here on the blog, including a little brochure describing The Workroom:

Or on my website:

Here’s to new beginnings in January – and now, quickly – back to the season at hand!

SB Project The Workroom page 20-21

4 thoughts on “The Workroom in Winter – 2015

  1. I found The Workroom, which I did in the fall of 2013, to be a wonderful experience! Katy and my fellow Workroom participants provided motivation, insightful comments, and gentle encouragement. I’d highly encourage anyone considering it to just do it!

  2. Like Michelle, I had a great experience doing the Workroom – both times! I would recommend it highly. And how fun to see the snow on the blog screen this morning!

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