Painting the Town

Much as I like the little town of Winslow, action central on Bainbridge Island, it becomes a pass-through place for us, a quick stop for bread or soup at Blackbird Bakery on the way to or from the Seattle ferry.

The first-ever “Paint Out Winslow” event last August, sponsored by Bainbridge Arts and Crafts, sounded like a good idea. Many real “plein air” painters participated, balancing brushes, palettes, and oil paints at their stations around town. And I meandered, making little watercolor drawings about my day.

Winslow 1

Winslow 2

Winslow 4

Winslow 4

Winslow 5

Winslow 6

Winslow 7


Winslow 8

8 thoughts on “Painting the Town

  1. It always seems such a brave undertaking – this “plein air” painting. There’s so much information, so many conflicting shapes and colors and activities. You’ve done a great job with your descriptive studies. Did you have a little chair or stool with you or did you stand and paint? I just love the last one where you are “paying attention to the world around you.”

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