9 thoughts on ““Friends for Frances” – Pages 24-29 (The End)

  1. BEAUTIFUL! And a possible continuation of this happy tale in the future……. Katy, my friend Ellen and I want to buy copies of this darling book. What’s next?                ~Jane

  2. Such a sweet story. It’s been so interesting to be in on the whole process from conception to product. Thanks for providing that link – there’s nothing like seeing a book looking like a book! And I feel like Jane. Like we all want copies. Seeing the pages in their order, and with the pictures complimenting each other – like the house in the storm, and then Frances in the wind behind the plant – shows the thoughtfulness and care with which this was done. Lucky Opal to have her grandmother make such a treasure for her.

    • Thank you Carol for this lovely comment, and I’m glad the link worked. It is really better to see a book like a book and not in reverse order in a stack! Still, I am grateful to the blog and readers for keeping me going. You are welcome to see if that link works, if you really would like to buy a book from Blurb. Be sure and double check “send to” address, because I don’t know that I set it up for sales – but maybe you don’t have to. Thank you again for always reading along and offering wonderful comments.

  3. Katy, it was so much fun to read the preview linked above and to have the whole story uninterrupted. It’s WONDERFUL, and I love that when I read it I hear it in your voice. Thank you for sharing this and so many other great books. I hope that this is the first in a series of many!

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