11 thoughts on ““Friends for Frances” – Pages 20-23

  1. Your last picture with the very warm and furry cats looking out at the black and white and grey scene of poor Frances gives hope to all of us hissers and spitters that people will remember the good things about us and let us back in. It’s bittersweet to see this little book coming to an end, but the joy of books is that we can read it all again!

  2. We all need good friends to bring us in from the cold! Bless Cromwell and Wolsey and dear Frances too. I’m identifying with all three of these characters. Like Carol, I see how well the darkness around Frances contrasts so beautifully with the colorful cats and the rug, the warmth of the light inside. Let the door open!

  3. My kittehs do this often when a dog is at the door wanting to be let in — calling our attention to the source of the noise.

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