12 thoughts on ““Friends for Frances” – Pages 16-19

  1. Poor Frances! I’m enjoying watching this story unfold, and I’m especially enjoying watching your work process. Thanks so much Katy!

  2. I so identify with poor Frances. It’s not that I don’t like parties, but lately I feel myself hissing and spitting and just wanting to just be outdoors by myself. The painting of her huddled beside the storm-bent plant makes me very sympathetic. Such a powerful little painting. Along with the contrast of the warm abundance of the indoor festivities to the house in wind and rain, this makes for another great chapter in the cats’ saga. I look forward each week to the next installment.

    • Thank you Carol – and this made me chuckle at the thought of you hissing and spitting! I hope you get a little time outdoors to yourself – Frances concurs (though she is curled in a tight knot on a big pile of comforter right now).

  3. Poor little Frances. She looks so isolated outside all by her lonesome. Your pictures and written story elicit strong emotions……
    Party food looks pretty good too…. am ready for some.

  4. Our kittehs say to tell Frances that if one claws through the thin fabric on the underside of the box springs, one finds an excellent (and dry) sanctuary away from foolish humans and their parties.,

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