London Days with Lady Baby

Lady Baby - with QB drawing

Two missions shaped our time in London, the first, to support Mrs. Hughes in her exciting endeavor (a five-day course at The Interior Design School), and then to see this favorite city through Lady Baby’s eyes.

Each morning we set out with destination in mind: the London Zoo, the Museum of Childhood (dolls to play with and dress-up clothes), the Princess Diana Memorial Playground (a truly memorable, neverland wonderland of a play space), or a visit to a less familiar part of London and the brand-new House of Illustration with an exhibition about the illustrator Quentin Blake (where the favorite thing was a wheelchair ramp and set of stairs that provided 20 minutes of real aerobic joy with races up steps and down ramp).

Lady Baby - nap with babies

I realize I have used the word favorite several times. As does Lady Baby. She shows you two things, like Baby Boy and Pink Baby, and asks which is your favorite? So I’ve been thinking about our London days in terms of favorites – I’m guessing some of these for her:

Paddingtons – both the station where we arrived from the countryside (announcements on the train brought glee, “She’s saying Paddington!”), and a new, small bear (named Baby Paddington, “because his mama lives at KayTee’s house”).

Vehicles to identify – black London Taxis, red double-decker buses, red mail trucks – and the very favorite – speedy motorcycles passing close by on narrow streets. “That’s a noisy motorcycle!”

Watching people while riding the tube with an endless variety of faces. Learning the litany of tube stops on the Central line: Notting Hill Gate, Holland Park, White City (meaning we were near home).

Lady Baby - Central Line

Pushing the button to signal our bus stop.

Our Bracewell Road flat – “our London house,” a comfortable, multi-leveled North Kensington home with a “playroom” (also known as dining room and living room).

Farm animals and play mat we brought from home that provided much quiet playtime and story telling for Lady Baby and Poppa.

The loaner pink baby doll stroller, and pushing it full of babies in the house or to a playground in a nearby park named Wormwood Scrubs.

The pirate ship and sand and watercourse at Princess Diana’s playground, where Lady Baby followed (and maybe coveted) an empty, blue baby doll buggy pushed through the water stream by a French toddler boy.

Egg salad sandwiches and crisps to share at Pret-a-Manger (the fresh food stops making London quick and easy eating such a pleasure).

Carrot cake as a lunch first course. Combined with big mouthfuls of scrambled egg.

Chips and fish fingers at our local pub in the evening.

An eleven o’clock in the morning performance with music (for three to five-year olds) of Judith Kerr’s book, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea,” at a real Covent Garden theatre. Lady Baby joined in the audience call: “It’s a tiger!” and stood up to stretch her “tiger paws” when the time came mid-performance.

All the stunning dinosaurs in the Natural History Museum where Lady Baby’s delight and awe proved she is indeed the daughter of Mr. Carson (a longtime dinosaur connoisseur). Excitement built as we rounded a corner to encounter the enormous moving, roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex. Lady Baby: “That’s a big dinosaur!”

Gearing up with child-size purple headphones and Mr. Carson’s iPhone to listen to the “Tiger” soundtrack while we made long tube rides or walks to the bus and tube stops.

But the greatest delight in all of London Lady Baby found in Trafalgar Square, a high-five from a life-size Mickey Mouse whom she’d never encountered before.

And my favorite memory? Perhaps “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” – such a dear book, brought magically to life. Maybe that memory will last for Lady Baby as well, and we can “stretch our tiger paws,” and speak of London days.

Lady Baby - stretch tiger paws



10 thoughts on “London Days with Lady Baby

  1. Oh what a delightful way to begin my day! I love stories of Lady Baby as told by KayTee. What a lucky little girl she is to have been born into such an interesting, loving family. I hope to hear about Lady Baby’s adventures for a long time.

    • You are so kind Jane – and such a wonderful support and encourage-er. You were the very, very best gallery manager ever – and it’s interesting to me that I’ve managed to set up the old relationship, so via the internet, I bring something “to show Jane”! Thank you!

  2. I may have mentioned this before, but these illustrations seem like their own book. Lady Baby with her lined up “babies” is especially endearing. But they are all just wonderful. Your days in London seeing through a child’s eyes sound magical.

    • Thank you Carol – I love it that you say that because LB does seem like she should be a heroine of a story. Her little figure now is just perfect for child-size adventures, and the clothes Mrs. Hughes finds from various sources so delicious to draw and paint – all those stripes and plaids and polyglot colors. That was a hard and fast, late afternoon nap – I sneaked in to check on her and found LB had lined up up the babies so perfectly.

  3. Loved reading this post Katy of your London adventures (and Lady Baby’s)! And it does seem like it’s more than worthy of a book itself. I think those memories will last a long time. Fabulous paintings too!

    • Thank you Michelle! Such a great great city – remember when we first saw Diana’s playground and KNEW how much fun it would be to take a little person there? True, so true.

  4. Outstanding!!! The watercolors and story telling. I agree with CC – BOOK material!!!!!!!love the story and paintings. Baby theo loves his little book- bear snores on- thanks for ideas:)

  5. Lady Baby will remember this special time all the better with your lovely whimsical words and pictures as a memory aid! Such a delight!

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