15 thoughts on ““Friends for Frances” – Pages 8-11

  1. I love these! Esp. the second to last illus., with Frances “sneaking peeks”–she looks stopped midstep, ready to dash, tail alive, like she does when she’s surprised. The drawing is still and yet Frances is humming with energy! Magic.

  2. Such lively illustrations. I especially like the way you use the white spaces to add dynamic perspective to the garden and to Frances’ body language. And I haven’t mentioned the actual story before, but I think it reads so well. Looking forward to more installments.

  3. You’ve captured Frances’ reaction to visitors so well—I love, “If they had traveling hats, they could just travel on.” The paintings are gorgeous too. I’m eager to see more!

  4. I too am truly engaged with the drawings and the story! You have indeed captured the anatomy of each cat’s personality. And, what a garden for these genial fellows to nap within.

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