“Friends for Frances” – Pages 1-3

Although a small book, just seven by seven inches, a spread in “Friends for Frances” (two pages side-by-side as we usually view a book) won’t fit on my scanner or on the blog. So I plan to post reduced versions of the dummy pages I worked from, and also “final” pages, stacked up in blog format – four pages each week for a while.

Final is in quotes because who knows about that. In the beginning, I drew the first page, then tried to draw and paint a laborious version I thought of as a final – but disliked both process and product. Watercolor doesn’t permit much changing, so I switched to a just do it and move on approach. I figured (like with writing) – I could revisit pages later with new energy. Fretting the same page till I got it “right” would get me stuck.

As a result “in the field”-made mistakes abound – a crow larger than a pileated woodpecker, a rabbit that is not doing what the text requires, garden uncertainties – but much learning was accomplished in these pages.

Books always start on the right page (something you know, but don’t think about till laying one out), hence three pages today. But Frances’s story is a weekly serial with more to follow!

Dummy Pages 1-3


FFF P. 2

FFF P. 3



11 thoughts on ““Friends for Frances” – Pages 1-3

  1. I love it! And I am so happy that I have seen the wonderful house where Frances reigns. I’ll look forward to the weekly installments.                                                          Love, Jane

  2. Katy, This is a delightful beginning. If I hadn’t met Frances, I would want to meet her in person immediately. Her expressions along with your words are perfect as are her activities. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to the next pages. Thanks for sharing the process and the
    (almost, maybe, perhaps) finals. Judy

  3. It so feels like a classic and enduring story about a very particular cat. The little house in the woods, the quiet life, the napping on her people. I’m glad you decided not to labor over pages, as some of the best paintings are the simplest and the ones that work the first time. I’m intrigued by the tiny Francis on a colored rug? with typing over the painting. There is something so satisfying about that little painting.

    • Thanks Carol! Unfortunately the image you like is an old illustration from my blog, printed by mistake on the typed side of a piece of paper so I could use in the dummy. Oh well. As you said earlier, “illustration is hard.”

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