Lady Baby Chooses a Hat

I visited Downtown Abbey a few weeks ago and got to meet Winnie, the charming, youthful new rescued dog, with huge, dark eyes and big floppy ears. Lady Baby calls her Winna – that would be Lady Winna here.

Very much a summertime visit, on this trip nearly every day we hit the slides and swings of neighborhood playgrounds. On our best day, Lady Baby, with encouragement, joined a little boy and his dad playing chase – chase and squealing being such fun right now.

The one rainy, summer-storm day, we visited the bookstore and nearby café to get takeout lunch. While waiting for our food, I said we could either read books or watch people, and Lady Baby said: “Watch people.”

Later, back home in a quiet moment, when she was investigating my journal looking for new pictures, I showed her the page of hats below. I asked which ones she liked (or maybe I said, if Frances wore a hat what color would it be)?

Sometimes direct questions to Lady Baby fail to elicit much response. But her questions to us are the very best things right now. Driving in from the airport and listening to the car radio playing something from Mrs. Hughes’s iPod, she clapped her hands, leaned over companionably while nodding her head to support agreement, and asked me: “Do you know this song?” (On the return drive to the airport, I could say yes I do!)

Lady Baby is delighted to find summer in her backyard, and spends a lot of time out there. Impersonating Lady Baby, Mrs. Hughes tells a wonderful little story (a magical commuication we keep repeating just for the delight of it). The kitchen window overlooks the deck and backyard, and one afternoon, Lady Baby leaned in close up to the window, tilted her head and asked her mom: “Is it OK with you if I go for a little run?” and answered herself agreeably: “It’s probably OK with you.” Then she set off to trot circles around the yard.

I never got a clear answer about the hats, which is probably good, some of those hats would be awkward. I’ll go with the younger son’s response, he said, “Cats would wear the bowler hats.”

FFF traveling hats

12 thoughts on “Lady Baby Chooses a Hat

  1. Great to see you on your last visit! Thanks for your lovely cards….looks like sun for the Gala, thank goodness. Love the “Watch People” comment the best.

  2. I love reading about Lady Baby’s energy and joy for life. And now, I also see growing independence. I agree with the son about the hats, but I have to say that I also like that red one right in the middle – a hat which, like Lady Baby, seems very sure of itself.

  3. Oh, Lady, Baby, it is delightful to hear about you again. Summer is a good time in Anchorage, and your backyard sounds like a perfect place to go for a little run. I would vote with you, Lady Baby, about watching people on a nice day. What is your favorite book right now?

    • I know you didn’t ask me — but the favorite might be “Good Night Construction Site” – at least that one has pages committed to memory (and gets recited to various critters – stuffed and not.

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