FFF and More JPG Index

More “scrap” – what illustrators called reference pictures, back in the days when it came from pages pulled from magazines, stuffed into ratty files. I realize I’m not tackling what an actual “Friends for Frances” illustration will look like, but getting closer. And a “dummy” book and storyboard in the works!

FFF Index p 3

FFF Index p 5

10 thoughts on “FFF and More JPG Index

  1. These “scraps” are getting me so excited for F of F! You’ve really captured the way Wolsey droops over the edges of whatever lap he decides to occupy. I also particularly love the illustration of Frances looking back over her shoulder: I picture her standing at the glass door to the garden looking back at a passing human, anticipating her (limited) freedom.

  2. Love the action drawings of Frances, especially the one where she’s sniffing the flowers and the one where she is rubbing against someones legs (I think). But I also can feel her personality in the sketch where she is curled up on someone’s stomach. It’s great to be able to see this process. Looking forward to the next step!

  3. Hi Katy,
    This is fascinating to me as I’ve never seen an illustrator’s storyboard. I’m curious if you already have the story developed in your mind or if story and illustrations are developing at the same time.
    Thanks for sharing the process.

    • Hi Judy – these aren’t actually the story board, they are reference drawings keyed to jpg numbers so I can find them easily – storyboard and dummy coming. And yes, I do have the story on paper. I am so word oriented – I had to have that first – a post coming about that part of the process also. Thank you for being here and commenting – and stay tuned!

  4. I see Frances “coming alive” in these sketches. I love the over the shoulder gaze…and the perfectly captured “snooze.” So many good moments here.

  5. I love the ‘scrap’ and am ruefully aware I should adapt your ruthless atitude to the Internet — sticky web tat it is…

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