FFF – and a JPG Index

I’m hoping the more I draw these three beauties (I keep thinking about David Hockney pulling the car over to draw grasses and weeds, knowing he’d use those shapes and colors later in paintings), the more likely I am to be able to express their distinctness. (That’s a hope, not a surety.)

While recognizing a stalling mechanism (to be harsh) or more practice (to be kind), below are the first two thumbnail pages of some of the photos I’ve collected for reference. At least now I can easily find, by JPG number on my computer, the suggestion of a pose I need.

Long ago I read that the writer John Irving called tasks related to, but not the real work, “bookshelf building activities.” Pursuits allowing time to think without pressure and with pleasure, and providing what big tasks need – small intervening rewards of completion.

FFF Index p

FFF Index p 2


12 thoughts on “FFF – and a JPG Index

  1. It may be a stalling tactic, or “just” practice, but the studies always seem to me the real deal. Hockney’s grass studies are wonderful, as are these thumbnail cats. Bookshelves are important – structure is important. And hurray for you for organizing it so you can find the information on your computer. This is a weak point for me. I never seem to take the time to do that. Thanks for keeping us updated on Frances and her friends.

    • Thanks a lot Carol. Probably this sounds more orderly than I am. I do agree about studies. And in truth, hope the roughs for these illustrations will be the “real deal.”

  2. Katy, I concur with Carol-you are so organized-even if you are pretending to be – because you are consistently exercising your talents and ideas into little bookshelves-your ideas will be readily available to you-when you need access. ,
    Ps. I shall send a pic of Theo James soon.

  3. Hi, Katy, I too love your mix of creative philosophy and sketches. I’ve been reading a “cozy” mystery series from Australia’s Kerry Greenwood best known here for her Phyrne Fisher books. This series features a detecting baker, Corinna, in Melbourne and her many takes on cats are spot on! Reading her introduced me to Beverly NIchols and his Cats ABC… I’m happily following the journey of Frances and her friends.

  4. I think of those stalling techniques (at which I am VERY good) as adding stuff to the compost heap in hopes that it will mature into something rich and wonderful.

  5. Sounds like procrastiworking to me! I like your photo reference system—I need to do something like this. Thanks for sharing your work in progress—it’s always a pleasure to see!

    • You are so welcome Michelle! I am sure that posting here is very much keeping me on track. Thank you kind words, and for checking in to see these tabbies as you work on your own!

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