A Postcard Portrait of Lord Wolsey

Wolsey postcard

Wolsey, who lives at Downtown Abbey, is a magnificent cat – bold, large, and chronically good-natured.

I didn’t catch it, but in this drawing his mismatched eyes reveal that I have a lot to learn always (and also to be reminded of: don’t draw what you can’t see). Shadow obscured his left eye, and in drawing I failed to match the right. The postcard’s gone north, so I can’t try to correct, but both Wolsey himself and learning experiences in general are on my mind – more next week!

In the meantime – a most happy May Day to all you wonderful readers – I appreciate you!

10 thoughts on “A Postcard Portrait of Lord Wolsey

  1. Happy May Day to you too, Katy. I love this big, warm, colorful cat. And having met him in oerson I can attest to his magnificence. The eyes might seem mismatched, but the effect of this painting is of a presence alive on the page, and that means everything in art. Another gem to add to Lady Baby’s gallery. Lucky Lady.

  2. I love Wolesy as he is! A happy May Day to you, too, Katy! Isn’t this the most magnificent weather? I will be making my annual May journey to Minnesota soon, and I am hoping to find sunshine there at last. They’ve had such a brutal winter and disappointing spring.

  3. Well dear Katy, he looks beautiful whether his eyes match or not….. thank you for pointing out the nuance…. but I would not have noticed. I like your words describing this guy,,,,” bold, large and chronically good natured”!!!!
    Happy May day too! It is sunny here and getting warm…. hope your weather is positive too. Netzy

    • Thank you Netzy, Carol, Jane! – I do hope you have a wonderful May Day – so nice to have warmth and light and flowers – even in Montana sounds like (and surely in Michigan soon).

  4. You’ve captured him beautifully, visage and spirit alike. So many life lessons from this chronically happy (and hungry) rogue.
    Lady Baby’s response upon seeing the postcard: “Wooley Anna! From Kaytee!” Thank you Katy!

  5. Yes, a noble beast indeed—and perfectly captured in both words and painting (I like the eyes). Happy Happy May Day!

    • Oh I hope you’ve had a good May Day Michelle – I thought this morning about when you used to bring May Day baskets to H Street. Loved that. And thank you for your Wolsey-like kind words. Maybe Wolsey’s equanimity is reflected in his eyes here, both pensive and forthright!

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