“On Whirlwind Hill”

Blogs and houses suit one another, and within this month’s house focus, I get to tell you about my painter friend’s brand new blog – “On Whirlwind Hill: an artist’s memories of a family farm.”

For longer than I can even imagine – some 300 years – her family has lived in their part of Connecticut, farming on Whirlwind Hill. Although other houses also appear, a beloved farmhouse occupies the center of her story. With my childhood homes being many and motley, I am drawn to people who live their young lives in one place – with roots in houses like the farmhouse on Whirlwind Hill.

In part this blog came about because of an exploration during sessions of The Workroom, so I’ve read some of the story (and seen wonderful drawings of the farm), but I don’t know how the narrative will unfold in this blog as memoir. I like to watch my painter friend’s creative mind turn memory into writing and image, and look forward to following along.

I hope “Her spirits rose…” readers will have a look, Mondays and Wednesdays and the occasional Friday. The address for Whirlwind Hill is http://blog.carolcrumpbryner.com.

It would be great to see you there!

8 thoughts on ““On Whirlwind Hill”

  1. Thank you, Katy,    I was delighted to read your last blog on homes, and now to find that Carol is sharing her thoughts on her home of heart, I love this! I have even shared my thoughts with Paige on painting “portraits” of homes(she hasn’t taken me up on that suggestion yet,) because I find them so fascinating. My family history has supplied the raw material for me to put together a book on my grandparents’ courtship(thankfully through saved letters) in an old home in Minnesota which is now falling down, but I can so clearly see it through what I’ve learned as a place alive with love and friendships. This is going to be fun!         ~Jane

    • You are so welcome Jane – AND – have you put that book together? What a great Workroom project if you don’t get to it before fall. I wish Paige would paint houses – wouldn’t they be amazing!

  2. Thanks Katy for this generous sharing of my blog. The Workroom was such a great learning place for me – it definitely gave me the nudge I needed to get this blog going. And although you may describe your childhood homes as “many and motley,” your adult houses have been charming and cozy. So I am really looking forward to this month where you focus on houses.

  3. It is true, now that people move so much and move away from their original home cities, it is rare to find someone living in the same house for centuries. I’ll go and check your friend’s blog, it should be very interesting.

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