“Red House West”

A spirit-lifting announcement today! I want to point you toward a newly launched blog – “Red House West” – a partnership between Mrs. Hughes and a dear friend of hers. By happenstance, though now separated by geography, each lives in a vintage red house.

The blog’s tag line reads “two old friends and two old houses,” but the proprietors of this blog are not at all old. Their friendship is long and strong though, and the tale of their houses, and what they are inspired to make of them, promises to be the foundation for a pleasurable and interesting blog.

“Red House West” will be about how you find furnishings and do things to houses when you don’t live in Brooklyn or Los Angeles or any hotbed of design. These bloggers love “thrifting” and fixing up. They love design, write well, have terrific senses of humor, and find much to contend with – and potential – in their old houses.

They aim to post three times a week, and on Fridays will feature “Good Scores” – intriguing finds from local second-hand shops or online sellers – inviting readers to submit their own discoveries.

It’s very exciting to watch such a creative endeavor begin, and I wish them every success! I hope “Her spirits rose…” readers will have a peek at “Red House West” – its fun to be in on the beginning.

The address is simply: www.redhousewest.com – please stop by!

8 thoughts on ““Red House West”

  1. Thank you so much for the shout-out, Katy! I can only hope we have 1/100 of your discipline and creativity! Mrs. Hughes is grateful. 🙂

    • Oh goodness would Katie be Anna in this scenario?

      The shout-out was a pleasure to do, and you already have an amazing start to Red House West. I have every belief in the two of you keeping each other going – and, of course, now you have eager fans with expectations awaiting!

  2. I’m already a huge fan. I hope their blog has a long and happy life so I can keep on reading. I find it so cheerful these days to read about young life and new ideas and to see color and light and happy rooms.

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