Starting Up – 2014

Is 2014 well begun for you? I am slowly accepting that number, though changing years in the middle of the week discombobulated me. It’s OK really to wait for the weekend to officially accept the new – and eat black-eyed peas!

But now Tuesday of the new year dawns – suddenly the second week. Vague notions percolate about what I’d like to do in January on “Her spirits rose…,” and maybe that’s what this post says – that I’m thinking about being braver about drawing faces, cooking from the cookbook “Plenty,” and writing about the two Skillshare classes I signed up for in the busiest of December days, promising myself I would start in the quiet of January. Thankfully, the month is long.

But mostly I meander around in a recovering from travel and holiday fugue, slowly tackling end of the year tasks, sorting mail piled up, restocking the larder. Reading. And I’m very excited to be setting up the new Workroom session, which begins Monday the 13th – it’s inspiring to make a place for participants eager to do their creative work.

As the fifth (!) year of this blog begins, I want to say thank you, thank you to readers – most specially to those who comment and write emails – your reading sustains me. And writing here makes me focus – I look forward to what will happen because I do!


7 thoughts on “Starting Up – 2014

  1. Thank you for your inspiring morning thoughts, Katy. I am always up and at the computer when your blogs come in, and I love the communication with an old friend. It’s a gift.

    I’m having a wee bit of trouble getting myself into projects, new and old, but after breaking in my new chair yesterday with mindless HGTV reruns, I’m out of here today! Enough. I am delighted to be able to get up and sort my recycleables for the trash man, realizing how painful this would be in my old home in Minnesota this morning. Brrrr.

                                                                                                                                             Happy New Year!  ~Jane



  2. This freezing weather keeps me by the fire but I have a job of editing to do and my own writing to work on. And I’m still trying to get through all the holiday leftovers in the freezer and fridge. The bread pudding took care of some; tonight we had beef stroganoff with the last of the Christmas roast; the new year greens went into a Caldo Gallego (greens and garbanzo soup); am contemplating black eyed pea hummus..

    Somehow January just doesn’t seem to count in my mind as a serious work month — anything I actually accomplish is a kind of bonus.

  3. I think you have covered my black-eyed peas quota for this year, because I failed to eat any actual beans. The virtual ones will have to do, and I think they will do very nicely because they’re awfully cute. And major congratulations on entering the fifth year of the blog. Looking forward to it. Thanks for keeping on truckin’!

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