6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Hi Jacquie, I love hearing from you! And, yes, I did make them years ago — squares of paper folded into a cone, then wrapped skinny end around the plastic socket of the light and stapled (need a little stapler). My favorites are actually made with an off-white paper. BUT – NONE of them are safety approved! Says right on the little warning label, next to the carcinogen warning, that the lights are not to be covered. Low energy bulbs would need translucent paper. One year my young friend and I painted the papers before attaching – that works also! xo

  1. It’s fun to see these lights again Katy. The ones you made me (with recycled drawings on white paper) still decorate the umbrella plant in my living room every December. And we’ve never had to call the fire department! Happy New Year!

  2. One of my New Year’s projects is to restring the set you and your little friend made some many years ago…They’re always a favorite. Happy New Year with lots of love!

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