The Workroom – January 2014

Is 2014 the year you begin a creative project you’ve thought about for a long time? Can you fill in the blanks in these sentences: “I’d really like to…,” or “I’ve always wanted to…?” Please think about joining The Workroom and you can!

The session last fall was so successful, and again such a pleasure, that I’m really excited about a new session beginning Monday, January 13 and running for six weeks.

Workroom participants use the opportunity to work on a variety of endeavors, in the disciplined way creative work requires and rewards. Using the format of a private WordPress blog (learning blogging skills), we begin by making initial ideas tangible with lists and schedules and goals. We wrestle with the demons of procrastination and perfectionism.

It’s exciting to watch how participants engage each other, responding to my daily posts and their own weekly pages with comments and encouragement. The Workroom brings the energy that comes from being accountable – in a supportive way.

You can read more about The Workroom (and new comments by this fall’s participants) at under The Workroom tab.

January is a month away – but a very busy month. Please email me at if you have questions or to sign up. Make 2014 the year to explore your creative project, and warm up winter with new friends and purpose!

Workroom header jar

1 thought on “The Workroom – January 2014

  1. Katy,    I’ve dreamed about finding a relic of a house that has interesting history and completely rehabing it. I don’t think that would fit into the workroom, but it’s the only artistic dream that I keep . With this unsettling situation with our family here and its impending move somewhere, I am pondering my own future. I  love it here. Love the proximity to family even more – big questions for me.                                 ~Jane

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