Today I post the last two Victoria and Albert drawings – two of my favorites. The Hockney sweater and the beautiful worn velvet trim on the little slipper seem so much about finding art in the everyday – as are many of the objects in the collection.

Seeing all the little images grouped on my wall pleases me. It’s a challenge to do something every day (and makes me admire post a day bloggers like Vicki Lane even more).

I loved the project and learned a lot, but also missed writing for “Her spirits rose….” So December here will be a potpourri – I hope a festive one. That’s a cheerful way of saying I’m behind – and December this year will be complicated.

I hope you enjoy this month, are able to pick out the parts you like best and do them (amongst the other stuff that has to happen). I am ready to turn on the music, revisit memories from Christmas past, and delight in Lady Baby’s first really aware Christmas.

And she will be aware – I had a birthday when she was here this Thanksgiving – “Happy, happy!” she said often.

That’s a December theme!

V&A 11:29 Hockney sweater

V&A 11:30 Slipper

5 thoughts on “December!

  1. And a good theme it is, too. When I was first reading this I thought “my eyes have gotten really bad – I see spots.” Then I realized it was your December snow! So here’s to the month of color, light, snow, and little ones singing “Happy, Happy.”

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