The November Project – Week One

It’s been a real pleasure in the early morning darkness to tackle a drawing from the Victoria and Albert Museum’s web site – many objects with flowers to draw! Technology was trickier than the drawing materials and methods at first, but that’s becoming part of the routine now – familiar and quick to post to Instagram and Facebook (after waiting till daylight to snap a photo).

V&A 11:1 Trouser Suit

V&A 11:2 Teapot from Bristol

V&A 11:3 Mittens

V&A 11:4 Cover

V&A 11:5 Biscuit Tin

V&A 11:6 Hat

V&A 11:7 Tile

6 thoughts on “The November Project – Week One

  1. These little paintings really do brighten up dark November mornings. And it’s fun to see them in the different venues. I’ve enjoyed the immediacy of the little pictures in Instagram, something I’d never used or looked at before. Looking forward to the rest of the month.

    • Thank you Carol – I’ve loved this – and I keep thinking about the privilege of the Internet, and this morning about Vanessa Bell painting that vase, and the vase finding a place at the V&A – then fast forward – and I’m following her marks from afar!

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