October Days With Lady Baby

An experiment: IF this works, you should see separate pages you open one at a time and find a Lady Baby tale. If it doesn’t, you will see drawings and text in the usual scroll, separated by WordPress code. (And I’ll try again some time.)


In October I met Lady Baby and her mother at the Seattle airport, when they arrived at a Concourse C gate from Portland. Lady Baby seemed to find that a happy, but not extraordinary, event. We boarded our flight to Anchorage with an order of guacamole and accompanying bag of chips for a tray table picnic.

chips and guac


Among the diversions I had tucked in my carry-on (including a small mail truck, a roll of blue masking tape, and a book about flying in a plane), the biggest hit was a sibling to the long-time favorite doll, Bey Bey, but this one a baby boy. At first he was “Kay-tee’s baby,” but soon became Baby Boy Baby. He wore a removable shirt and pants, and a too removable (as in continually falling off) hat.

Baby Boy Baby


Once home at Downtown Abbey, after gaining permission, I attached the hat by a ribbon to his shirt – to the relief of all.

Baby Boy Hat


Lady Baby understands a lot more than she has words for now. She speaks often in a shorthand – lacking extras like articles or pronouns or prepositions – she communicates with known nouns. And a few verbs like sit or walk or, best, hug! She also, if inclined, can follow pretty complex instructions, understanding to spread her fingers (another word of hers) while her mom helps her don new purple gloves (another word).

Lady Baby Gloves


(This is an aside, but remember these?

Turkish Shoes for Lady Baby - small

I’m told that recently Lady Baby insisted on sleeping in her Turkish shoes. Not just having them in the bed with her, but wearing them on her feet, inside her sleep sack. What an elegant idea, how can parents be so unreasonable? she must be thinking.) Back to October.


Mild weather made this October great for Lady Baby walks (ignoring a few raindrops). Several days I pushed her red stroller, and she pushed her tiny pink one (with babies aboard). At each street crossing we’d stop, load up the pink stroller and babies into the big stroller along with Lady Baby, and cross. On the other side, we’d unload and carry on.

Lady Baby with shopping cart and babies


At the edge of a church’s empty parking lot, Lady Baby spotted a plastic safety “guy” (her word), that warns drivers about children playing. Just Lady Baby’s size, she showed me he had “eyes” and a “hat,” and seemed pleased to push him around a little bit. She also tromped the parking lot’s puddles in her rubber boots.

Lady Baby with safety guy


One day, while Lady Baby and I walked to a school playground with Lady Cora, Mrs. Hughes sewed the Halloween costume she’d imagined for Lady Baby – a rainbow complete with stuffed cloud –it will make festive holiday and cheerful ending to October!

Lady Baby Halloween dress

8 thoughts on “October Days With Lady Baby

  1. Welcome back, Lady Baby! You are growing up so fast that we need to hear your stories often. It’s as if your story in Downtown Abbey corresponds with the new TV season of Downton Abbey, with new stories beginning. I remain your devoted fan! ~Jane

  2. It’s wonderful to capture these moments with Lady Baby. These little ones do grow up way too fast, and it’s amazing what one forgets it it’s not recorded.
    I didn’t mind just scrolling down, but am now curious how it would have looked as a page after page book.

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