Cards for Sale

You might recognize these images:

Summer cards

Or these fruits:

Fruit cards

Or Frances:

Frances cards

from illustrations that accompanied a post here on “Her spirits rose….” And now they are blank cards, available on my website ( They come in groups of five different images for $22.50, which includes shipping. (More images on the website.)

I’ve only had a few of each group printed – this is an experiment – but I wanted you loyal readers to know just in case!

4 thoughts on “Cards for Sale

  1. I like your choice of images. Some of my favorites are there. Frances has a very commanding presence.
    Thanks for letting us know about them.

  2. Oh, I do love the red fruit, Katy. Just the thing to liven up our rainy (rainy!) Alaska almost-winter! I’d mat and frame them for my home office. I’ll see how your offerings evolve. —Jan

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