A Thank You!

To Vicki Lane! I was so delighted to read the post Vicki wrote about “The Year in Flowers” on her blog (http://vickilanemysteries.blogspot.com/2013/06/the-year-in-flowers-beautiful-book.html)! Last winter I sent Vicki a copy of my book, now nearly 20 years past publication, just for fun and in recognition of blog friendship, so I was completely surprised to see photos of it in my daily peruse of Vicki’s blog.

Vicki inspires me by the discipline she shows in making daily posts. Unless teaching a class away from home, she never misses, and I’m always intrigued by her mystery writer life in North Carolina – so very, very far from the Pacific Northwest. I wrote about Vicki’s blog here.

Thank you Vicki – I was touched and appreciative!

5 thoughts on “A Thank You!

  1. Twenty years? NO! I can’t believe it has been that long since The Year in Flowers came out . I was so happy to see my copy again after its move from Minnesota, and now it’s new all over again.

    • Oh yes, been that long – those were really good times, when The Year was young ! I’ve always been grateful for your support as manager of Stonington Gallery in those days. K.

  2. Katy, I have given away a dozen The Year in Flowers, and have two left, which I refuse to part with. Both blank. They are so beautiful I get them out and look at them often (actually did last week, upon our return from Alaska). Think of you often, and your ears should have burned after my visits with Rebecca Lyon and Marnie Brennan last month. So glad to have found your blog! With aloha, Tad Bartimus Wariner in Hana, Hawaii

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