2 thoughts on “Istanbul Album

  1. These “scrapbook” pages do have the feel of romance on a sunny day. Even the words “Orient Express,” “Hagia Sophia,” and “Istanbul” bring me a sense of mystery. That seems such a contrast to the sweet vase with its species tulip decoration.

    One of my art history professors in college took her dream trip to this area of the world in search of seeing and photographing places like this for her students. When she got back in the fall and stood up in front of our class she in tears. “I took hundred of slides of the architectural treasures, and when I got home discovered that something had been wrong with my camera.” Not a single picture had been salvaged, but she managed to bring the Hagia Sophia to life through her stories about her trip.

    It’s about so much more than just pictures. That’s why I enjoy the way you present your memories of your travels.

    • Thank you Carol! And I realized tonight that my fragmented way of doing this, much as I’ve enjoyed it, caused me to leave out a favorite little bit from the “Via Francigena” post called “Dante (and Mud)” – so I’ve added it belatedly. I do appreciate your comments! Thanks!, Katy

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