The Season of Birds

At a moving memorial service for veterans, held recently on the steps of the Jefferson County Courthouse, my good-natured husband played “Taps” on his coronet. On the recording I made on my phone, between the fading of the gun salute and the first haunting notes of “Taps,” you can hear the unmistakable song of a white-crowned sparrow. He slipped his plea, “oh me, pretty pretty me” into the available silence.

The same thing happens often this time of year, in the country or in a city with the slightest cover. In a moment of quiet outside the grocery store or when stopped for a light, you hear the song.

June begins soon – summer days to savor – they are long but too few. For the next bit as we are all outdoors more and in front of the computer less (yes), I’ll post the pages of a second foldbook. “Birds – A Foldbook” will take us into their season.

We’re always told to stop and smell the roses, here’s encouragement to stop and hear the birds!

Bird FB Golden Crowned Kinglet cover

4 thoughts on “The Season of Birds

  1. A good encouragement. I’m a much bigger fan of birds than of roses, and especially love the spring songs they share. I’m looking forward to the birds in your foldbook. This one is so delicate perched on its little branch. I tried to draw birds once and was astounded at how hard it was. You definitely have the right touch.

  2. Oh such a pretty bird and I can hear his song. We have them too in our yard. Would love to hear your recording of your good natured husband!! Looking forward to many more folds.

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