6 thoughts on “Spring Foldbook – Back Cover

  1. Yes, here’s to spring, and here’s to the writings and paintings that celebrate it so beautifully. They always make me look at what’s around me more carefully and more appreciatively. Thanks, Katy!

  2. Katy, thank you for the happy pictures and the great colors. You always see the beauty and specialties in all that you observe. This foldbook – is this the one that you had to complete quickly and send off to the library? Did you take water color paper, and fold it like a fan? This is how I am imagining your tactics – or at least what the fold means. I am limited in my ideas of how you have created the book with all these great pictures except – back to back? Thank you for brightening my day. Netzy

    • Hi Netzy, thank you for the kind words! These images are individual pages – the foldbook itself was actually printed on a long piece of paper (34″) by a professional printer. Then I folded it, so each images is a “page.” In the past I have made foldbooks by painting on a long, skinny piece of 140 LB watercolor paper and then folding it. Watercolor paper, if you fold along the grain, makes nice little books.

  3. Katy, thanks for clarifying for me. Great idea. I have folded water color paper like a fan -then painted all sides-then wrote short messages on the pages. In addition, I decorate some pages with ribbon, buttons, etc. it’s my method of a card, I guess.

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