9 thoughts on “Spring Foldbook – Flowerpiece

  1. Mmmm, I love this one. And at first I misread as “I can imagine the … hellebore, old tulips, quince blossoms, and bluebells as part of a garden castle.” Like the castle itself is made of living blossoms and vines. Very fairy tale! xo

  2. Sweet sweet flowers. These seem to me the ultimate of spring, and I can picture the Piero della Francesca blue. Is Spanish hyacinth like muscaria?

    • They are the same color – that hard to capture blue shading toward pink – but they are bigger and much like real hyacinths in the shape of their bell. Here they are considered invasive in careful gardens, but a cheerful sight around town.

  3. Love spring! And your renditions of it. I have a garden that is both an inherited garden from previous owner’s of my nearly 100 year old house and a motley collection of things I have planted or moved around. I never know what is going to pop up, what has flourished and naturalized and what has gone away over the fickle winters we have here in the Bay Area. Spring starts in early February crocus and callas and forget-me-nots and wild onions, then waltzes on with Banksia roses, irises, cymbidiums, violets, primroses and roses, starts and stops all on through spring until it is summer and foggy but you still have to water, a terribly expensive process here in winter wet-summer dry country.

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