The Long Wait for Spring

[This post was scheduled, of course, before Boston. It’s always peculiar, and happens more often than I like to admit, when events so thoroughly override anything one might have to offer. I don’t know what to do but go on – with a heavy heart. This morning a friend in Boston suggested observing the good things that do happen (]

Spring is here and warmth will surely follow – the birds know and the weeds know!

I’ve been revisiting springs past in blog posts while designing paperback foldbooks – little accordion-folded books, the size of a greeting card, but having eight pages – opened, they can stand on a bookshelf. I laid out the foldbooks adapting snippets from “Her spirits rose…” to accompany images of birds and spring for two books, and a third with encouragements from The Workroom.

While I worked, the wind howled, fir trees creaked and the ocean tossed angry whitecaps. The thermometer read 50° outside, but the house felt frigid. Frances wisely curled herself into an Oreo cookie lodged between bed pillows and comforter all day.

Reading the old posts I remembered how spring surprised me when we first moved here – disappointed me really. Being so accustomed to the late but lightning progression of an Alaska spring, I fixated on how long it took to get warm here, how many setbacks and stallouts. I realized the truth of Henry Mitchell’s words: “What we loosely call spring, meaning the season in which plants grow vigorously and come to flower in a time of nice skies and warm airs is partly imaginary.” Imaginary – or the memory of a day now and then.

At the end of last week I saw a proof of the foldbooks. A local photographer, David Conklin, using a large printer with archival ink, printed them three-up on a long piece of lovely Entrada paper. It was exciting to see them all on one piece of paper ready to cut and fold.

Spoonflower has also been fun to see this week. “Garden Tools, Garden Pleasures” is posted amongst the 12 pages of gardening tool-flavored fabric in this week’s contest (lots to look at there!). I have much more to learn – my fabric looks better here on the blog than it does in the contest. But in the way of creative contagion, the Spoonflower attempt energized me for the foldbooks.

I will post pages from “Spring – A Foldbook” while we wait for warmth – coming sooner for some than for others – but coming!

Spring Foldcard cover-2

4 thoughts on “The Long Wait for Spring

  1. Katy, I so well remember the instant spring after the Alaskan “breakup.” Now on Bainbridge Island, I’m loving the sun as it beckons thoughts of growing actual food on a condo rooftop garden.. I’ll try herbs, lettuce and even cucumbers, but I’m wondering what the condo association would think if I tried something bigger – like corn! ~Jane

  2. Spring does have a way of just showing up no matter what. Thanks for posting this – it helps to see beauty in the midst of such an awful event. I love your Spring cover, and am glad to see that little blue and white vase still posing for its portrait.

  3. Hi Katy, What lovely drawings of Spring to come. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole foldcard. Right now we’re on a camping trip in S.E. Arizona where spring and flowers and birds are already here. We just couldn’t wait for them to arrive in Colorado! Carol

  4. Hi katy, thank you for your sun shading hat with the pretty flowers decorating the side. You are really in the mood for spring!

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