Joy and Jet Lag

elephants revisted

A day after we returned from our younger son’s wedding in Thailand, I received a photo showing Lady Baby doubled over in Mrs. Hughes’s lap, titled “Jet Lag: A Portrait.” Jet lag does double one over, causes bury-the-head fatigue, and fogs the brain clock by arguing with the geographic clock. Sunshine resets the biological clock, so January Northwest weather does not help.

All by way of explaining that I am home, and more coming soon. I keep wrestling for some one word – or three – to sum up the trip: splendid, heartwarming, fun –  an adventure, a delight, a joy!

But I need a lot more words (many posts about this trip I think), and a little more sleep before offering you something about the week. And it was only a week – not enough time to visit Thailand.

So my tale isn’t tourist Thailand, it’s family in Thailand. A lot of the experience was a Lady Baby-flavored time in Asia. (A good flavor.) I’ve been debating about the Downtown Abbey names, but it tickles me to think of the Downtown Abbey staff in Bangkok, minus a few of course. And it was an inspiring trip.

Maybe instead of words, or phrases to sum up, I will just say – I can hardly wait to go back!

elephants revisted again

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