A Giveaway

Suddenly it is thoroughly November, damp and dark. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away! It’s time to embrace the upcoming holidays – such a hedge against the darkness with cheerful lights and color and food.

To get going I always need to inspire myself a little though, so, in a first for Her spirits rose…, just for fun, and in honor of the coming holidays (and in keeping with general jubilation and celebration of a hopeful four more years of moving forward!), I thought I’d try a giveaway on the blog.

When my book “The Year in Flowers: A Daybook” went out of print, I bought the last two boxes. They aren’t making anyone happy in my closet, so three copies are on offer in this giveaway.

“The Year” is a perpetual journal, divided into months but usable for any year – with blank pages for journal entries and record keeping. People have used it to keep track of daily happenings and as a garden or house journal. It’s full of illustrations, and each month has a little essay about finding flowers in my Alaska life.

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below about what you look forward to in this season – some little detail about how you organize, a memory of holidays past, or a favorite thing or tradition. Tell how the season makes your spirits rise!

Please comment on this post, “A Giveaway,” by Thursday, November 8 to be included. A random number generator will select three names, and I will mail the books to winners.

I really appreciate the readers who comment here. If you are new to commenting – please join in! After you write your comment, WordPress will ask you for your email to make sure you a real person and not a robot, but the address will not appear in public.

I hope you will participate – I’m looking forward to your holiday thoughts and ideas.

11 thoughts on “A Giveaway

  1. Katy, I always read, even if I don’t often comment. Wyoming days are warm, sunny and beautiful. The political scene is a little more mixed…. But, I am grateful for the freedom to speak out and still be accepted in this conservative state. And I look forward to grandchildren coming for Thanksgiving. All the best to you and yours. Barbara Gose

  2. Katy: What a generous offering! Anyone who needs inspiration for their artwork need only flip through the pages of beautiful watercolor flowers in this book or read the comments on a year in the life of an Alaskan transplant. I have owned a much-cherished copy since 2007 and I’m sure the three winners will enjoy The Year in Flowers for many years to come. (My mother has tried to make off with my copy twice now!) Good luck all!

    I’m heading to Alaska for Thanksgiving this year – the first time in decades – and I can’t remember when I’ve looked forward to Thanksgiving as much. The food is always wonderful and comforting but never as much as the comfort of being with family. Home.

  3. Katy – What an absolute treasure! And I don’t mean just you – the book looks delightful. Thanksgiving memories for me are tried and true – lots of family and friends, mom getting up at 4 a.m. to start the turkey, all the pumpkin pies and the best cornbread dressing ever! And the Thanksgiving parade from New York! Best wishes.

  4. Two days ago it was 81 degrees here in the Sierra foothills, tonight I’m building a fire with Manzanita & oak. It rained a little & some snow is predicted. I love this violent change since the endless days of heat & dryness and cloudless skies have finally given way to long dark nights, glorious clouds, and lots of orange, lemon yellow, and burnt sienna brightening the forests of evergreens.
    This year I will share the mountain bounty farm with my son’s young family. They are hosting us for their first Thanksgiving!
    I love your blog and follow it daily. It is a pleasure to connect with you again. I first met you many years ago on Orcas island.

  5. Katy, what a wonderful and kind idea. How lucky for three people to win a book so beautifully filled with pretties….. My mom loved hers and did write in your journal. Thanks for your generous offer to inspire us all to celebrate the holidays with friends… happy day. Netzy

  6. Katy,
    I have four of your “Garden Journals” that I filled with about 6 years worth of entries about the progress of my gardens, but I never could bring myself to write on the beautiful pages of the “Daybook”. It’s this time of year, when the garden is frozen and colorless that I turn back to the Daybook and the Journals for a little pick-me-up. Thanks for these treasures!

  7. I think this is such a great idea. I am looking forward to the holiday parties I always plan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is well worth the work because the memories for our family and friends last forever.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing family, giving thanks, and baking cookies with my little girl. I TRY to stay organized but its a never ending battle.

  9. Hello All — I entered the names of those who commented into random.org’s scrambler and took the first three names. The names of the winners are: Netzyd406, Vicki Lane, and ccbryner. Thank you for your comments! Katy

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