4 thoughts on “Suitcase Vegetables

  1. Ha! That makes me want to see the specialized suitcase for carrying – a deceptively nondescript brown hardcase that when opened reveals cubbies, and compartments, and cages, squat and deep for beefsteak tomatoes, long and shallow stacking trays for celery stalks. Then all you’d need is a stop-motion animator to film all the lovelies tucking themselves into the case. Suitcase vegetables, I salute you!

    • I love this colorful, imaginative word moment Julie – thank you! (and I won’t reveal that the tomatoes this trip, having endured a smushed suitcase fate on a previous trip, rode in a carry on – most specifically in a hand-me-down “Bucket of Wings” plastic, lidded container – which then became a favorite Lady Baby toy!) Thanks again! Katy

      • Well, I certainly like being a hoot! Thanks, Kim. Katy, seeing your response I’m smiling again thinking of all the veggies in a suitcase, even if the tomatoes were in a carry-on.

        In fact, the backstory to tomatoes in the carry-on becomes the problem that the super-duper-compartment hardcase solves. I see the storyboard forming … smashed airline tomatoes, sad Alaska family, lightbulb over veggie smuggler’s head, saws and wood and sawdust and soldering and oragami and elbows akimbo, and presto! the veggie smuggler’s suitcase delight, happy unsmashed tomatoes, and happy Alaska family.

        Your drawings keep me smiling *and* thinking, which leads to more smiling. Not a bad loop to be caught in.

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