When I need energy, encouragement I always turn to Bob Marley albums – gifts from our younger son. With the rest of the world, he and I share much affection for Marley’s music. We chuckle when we are together anywhere, and within the first 24 hours, hear a Marley song on the radio or while waiting in some line.

A few weeks ago the Rose Theater in Port Townsend screened “Marley” – Kevin MacDonald’s documentary film about Bob Marley. (The movie is already available “on demand.”)

It’s beautiful – full of amazing faces and colors – and Marley’s music. Although it’s not a concert movie, there are plenty of concert scenes. I knew a lot of the words to the songs, but didn’t understand them till the movie, didn’t really know the story of Bob Marley. The movie is about him, about creativity and love. It’s about politics – and guilt for what humans have often wrought.

And joy for what other humans provide.

It begins with an unimaginably painful scene of the nightmare place in West Africa where kidnapped Africans were held before transport, and ends with a montage of Marley’s words sung by people all around the world. Now, when I hear the songs, I have pictures in my mind.

It will make you thankful to be alive – as Marley, dead at 36, would love to be.

The filmmakers must be so proud.

4 thoughts on ““Marley”

  1. Thanks so much for coming to my blog a while back. I have hardly been home for the last few weeks – we went to Chattanooga and after 4 days at home we went to Memphis, TN and came back last night. My posts were pre-programmed. We went to Memphis because my eldest daughter just moved there – so we celebrated both Father’s Day there and our 45th wedding anniversary. I’d like to go west again but since our daughter moved from Long Beach, Ca. I don’t know when we will. In a couple of weeks we are driving to Nashville where younger daughter lives – so we will have listened to 4 types of music lately – jazz in New Orleans, bluegrass in Chattanooga, blues in Memphis and country music in Nashville – but no reggae!

    I also enjoy reading Vicki’s books – she is so talented and her stories keep the interest to the end. The area where she lives in North Carolina is beautiful too.

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