Our young friend and her mother came for a visit at the beginning of June, rainy, cold June. She’s learning to cook this summer – seems such a smart thing to do – learn to cook in an organized way – what a great start for this lifelong pursuit!

In her first project, she and her mom made guacamole (a treat we never seem to make even though we consume lots of avocados.)

Using Bittman’s recipe, they mashed two ripe avocados in a bowl, along with a tablespoon of minced shallot and a quarter teaspoon of garlic. Then they added a teaspoon of chile powder (you can use instead a stemmed, seeded, minced jalapeno chile), salt and pepper, and tablespoon of lime juice.

It was fun to watch how much learning is involved in even such a simple recipe – cutting open and preparing an avocado and a lime, mashing, mincing, measuring.

The guacamole (kept green by leaving the pits on top till the rest of dinner cooked) was delicious, and we ate it with sweet potato quesadillas. But our young friend’s mother said – “Really it’s best with chips!”

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