It’s May, it’s May – the merry month of asparagus! (And so far, rain and cold, but never mind.)

When I made the vegetable loaf recipe, I had a handful of extra asparagus. Even after several green spears posed on my drawing table for collaging, I was able that night to nestle them next to potatoes to be roasted and enjoy (olive oil and salt and pepper, 400° till tender).

The next day I remembered this by Heidi Swanson:

so added the roasted asparagus to the avocado I’d slathered onto some bread for lunch (avocado being my most favorite sandwich these days). “Avocado on Garlic Rubbed Toast” is Willi Galloway’s more elegant version.

And, to add a third real food blogger to this asparagus day, another Heidi – this one a young Alaska woman who cooks so well. In this post she tells how to simply and perfectly roast asparagus:

These cooks say it all, so enjoy! Enjoy spring!

1 thought on “Asparagus

  1. Beautiful collage! You got that delicate pink-purple of the scales just right. I just picked a nice mess of asparagus — now to decide which of these recipes to try.

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