2 thoughts on “iPainting Paradise – Rambutan

  1. Katy: When I host the honey tasting events I often include rambutan honey (from Java Indonesia) because it so wildly different than local honey. Like wine tasting, it is perfect for the finale’, the dark end of the spectrum.

    Larry says rambutan honey is an acquired taste – one which he is sure he will not acquire. It is thick and dark, rich and fruity. No mistaking that it is a tropical honey!

  2. Your color choices are so invigorating! And the squiggle of both your text and the lines on the fruit give this drawing such a quirky, yet pleasing, visual appeal. Those little barbs hook my eyes and reel me right in! Thanks for sharing– it is a rainy, dull day here in Brooklyn and this tropical pop of color might be just what I needed!

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