New Year Thoughts: Continuity

In my Granny Trudy stash I found an appliquéd and embroidered cloth with a sunbonnet girl surrounded by flowers in one corner with more flowers filling the other corners. I used it to make a little receiving blanket for the new baby, the flannel backing tucked over to form a soft binding.

Originally there were tape ties at each corner of the cloth, and when I told my sister-in-law about the blanket, she said the tapes tied the cloth to a card table during weekly ladies’ bridge games. (My husband and his sister remember enormous meringue kisses filled with ice cream made by Granny Trudy and their mother for those gatherings.)

I love the thought of this new baby girl having something for ordinary use with handwork made by her great, great grandmother. And relish the thought of a line of women who make things – sunbonnet girls, ice cream kisses, blankets, and babies.

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