“Food Rules”

In a colorful new edition of Micheal Pollan’s book “Food Rules,” he’s added more rules and the most wonderful illustrations by Maira Kalman – the book makes good sense and is such fun to look at and read. In the days before Christmas I had a wonderful time painting some of Pollan’s rules (with my illustrations) as a gift for our younger son and his sweet friend.  Pollan says his new rules come from his readers – after the first edition, people wrote and suggested their rules. So, you can’t see,  but up the side of the canvas frame in my version I wrote: Remember beans!

3 thoughts on ““Food Rules”

  1. What an enticing painting, Katy. And no, I didn’t receive an email notice about this post, but did receive the Jan. 2 post about your grandbaby. When I went to look for it, I didn’t see it at first. But did not see a 404—just the Dec. 31st post.

    I think I’ll sign up for email notices again, just in case. Redundancy in your case is a good thing.

  2. I love your rules and the painting. Alas, though I follow most of them, I have trouble with the ‘not too much’ of Pollan’s main rule. . .

    I don’t think I signed up for email notices. You are on the list of blogs in the sidebar on my blog. When a new thumbnail shows up, I check it out — though not always every day.

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