A Gift for You

It’s so 21st century – to send a link as a gift, but that’s how I felt when a friend sent this to me. Do look when you have a quiet moment, and follow the photo narrative (by Edinburgh photographer Chris Scott) to the very end. What a lovely, lovely idea in support of art and books and libraries, executed with amazing intricacy and skill – such excellence and so anonymously!

For you:


I wish you a holiday filled with joys large and small!

4 thoughts on “A Gift for You

  1. This is a visual gem(s)! I just saw it and admired. The intricate work amazes me. I love or used to enjoy finding words and sentences to cut out of newspapers, but this is clearly art, and takes such precision. The paper dragon’s tail poking from the spine of the book makes me grin. (Although cutting up a book made me cringe a bit.)

  2. Oh! I forgot to mention how appealing your holly and berries look, Katy. And the spine here of each leaf—thanks for helping me to see such creative art and in ways I’d never noticed.

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