‘Tis the Season – Pomegranate Season!

It’s a short season, but pomegranates are part of the magic of the holidays with plump red flesh bursting with juice surrounding each tiny seed. The seeds are festively packaged inside a leathery skin, shaped like a Christmas ornament!

Pierce the outer skin in quarters – one at time – then peel and separate the delicious (rich with potassium) seeds from the inedible, pithy white part.

Mark Bittman suggests doing it under water – or inside a plastic bag to keep from spraying red where it isn’t wanted. Or just be careful, and lean away from your party duds when preparing a pomegranate.

In salad, or just by the mouthful, enjoy!

5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season – Pomegranate Season!

  1. We love pomegranates. Steve cuts off one end and slits just the hard skin from end to end, immerses it under water for 10 minutes, then peels under water as Bittman suggests. Fairly easy and no mess.

  2. We used to pick them and eat them as a snack while living in Spain in the 60’s, something I think of every fall when they’re in our local grocery stores. I love them. My favorite appetizer to bring to a potluck this time of year is cream cheese spread on a plate, covered with green jalapeno jelly, sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and served with crackers. Really tasty!

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