Royals Revisited

Back in the spring when wedding fever was upon us, the mother of my young friend sent me a link to a pattern for a set of knitted royals (we share a fondness for things English). The pattern included everyone from the wedding principals to the Queen’s corgis.

I ordered the pattern, not because I can knit, but because I couldn’t resist the drawings of those little figures. I gave it to my clever friend – thinking at some point she’d adapt the notion, little knitted figures, to her own purposes.

Flash forward to my birthday a few weeks ago – and olé! She’d made Kate and Will! But it wasn’t till I really looked at the pair when drawing them, that I fully appreciated her added detail – Kate’s gown has lace sleeves like the real dress and little beads here and there give her glitter. A blue jewel on the backside of her hand stands in for the famous ring. Prince William has a cross on his sash, goodly sized knitted ears, and a happy smile!

They lift my spirits!

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