Populated Mailbox

We often pass by a larger than usual, old and rusty rural mailbox where someone with a sense of delight in the absurd has installed a “set-up” of small plastic action figures and troll-like creatures. A figure who seems like he’s lost his motorcycle, but wears a party hat, holds down the top of the box. Inside pose a skinny Avatar figure and other bulging-with-muscles articuated beings I can’t name. Floofy feathers adorn some of their party hats since they are safely out of the rain. Recently, a seated, naked baby doll improbably joined the party, looming large behind the colorful crowd.



2 thoughts on “Populated Mailbox

  1. This is one of the things I miss from the era of having small children. Coming upon the unexpected “set-up” somewhere in the house or yard. The one in that mailbox makes me think of “Go Dog Go”. “Yes, says one dog to another “I DO like your party hat”. (Not exact wording, I’m sure.) Nice post for a cold Friday morning. Thanks!

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