A Guest

The orb weavers have yet to begin their elaborate constructions in the garden, but in the house I see a large and finely structured (not at all threatening) spider with filament legs and a nearly non-existent body. In a quiet room, she’s made a web structure, where the ceiling meets the wall.

She’s accumulated a collection of gnats in her webbing,  more than I ever knew we had. If you get too close, the spider senses danger (I read this after I thought I’d caused it by touching the webbing), and vibrates the web so rapidly that she obscures her location in a blur.

Males are said to wander looking for food and mates. This one must be a female – she seems settled in.


1 thought on “A Guest

  1. Katie – What a great drawing of your “guest”. I’m a big spider fan and will try to find out what species this is. Insects and spiders are such wonderful critters – easy to observe in our houses and gardens, and easily seen by children. Your observations are truly inspiring!

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