Bees in Boot

Early this summer I bumped one of the boots filled with succulents decorating the tiny porch of the Buffalito. Out poured more winged, disgruntled creatures than you‘d think could fit in one low-cut boot.

That evening I carefully slid a shovel under the boot and relocated it away from the Buffalito. But when I returned to the porch, frantic relatives circled in the air over their suddenly gone home. I put the boot back.

The next few evenings, I slid the boot a foot or so away from the porch, and it spent the rest of the summer at a safe-from-disturbance distance. Our beekeeper friend identified the inhabitants as wasps – yellowjackets – ground, or as she said in this case, boot nesters.

3 thoughts on “Bees in Boot

  1. I love thinking of your yellowjacket’s bee boot home! And, your care of them. We have them around here, too, and skunks as well. When the skunks are around, we have fewer yellow jackets… Skunks eat them when they’re at rest in the ground, at night. Amazing. We do appreciate our skunk, who means fewer bees & fewer stings for us.

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