Books and Desk

“Dr. Johnson advised me today to have as many books about me as I could; that I might read upon any subject upon which I had a desire for instruction at the time. ‘What you read then (said he,) you will remember; but if you have not a book immediately ready, and the subject moulds in your mind, it is a chance if you again have a desire to study it.’”

James Boswell The Life of Johnson

2 thoughts on “Books and Desk

  1. “have as many books about me as I could”–check! I may have reached a limit, though … I tripped over a stack of books on my way to get coffee this morning. xo

  2. I LOVE the ipaintings (is this what they’re called?)! They are evolving and shifting and very lively! The brightness and lines you make! Finally have some few moments to scan through and take them in… sending love and hugs your way… and hopes for a conversation sometime this month… A.

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