Here for the yearly check, the furnace guy wiped his forehead and said: “It’s muggy today.” A hint of languor – born of heat and humidity. It’s early to feel it – and delicious – but it’s just a preview.

Soon enough we will encounter “Juneuary” – when June replays Northwest winter, also known hereabouts as “June gloom.” We know we should always “seize the day, make every moment count,” and in June that’s imperative. With light and color June transforms ordinary life.

This preview day began with a 50° morning, scents from plants and earth released by a gentle rain in the night. By mid-morning, in one moment all at once, like characters from the next scene blown in on a warm breeze: a hummingbird and the first butterflies: a large yellow swallowtail on wallflowers and a tiny blue one on forget-me-nots. New birds: a male finch with rosy-red head and a crowd scene of flitting little-yellow-jobs.

I planted scarlet runner beans, some dianthus, and divided a gift pot of gloriosa daisies into bigger pots, but ignored the could-dos and should-dos rolling around in my mind. Many seed heads of dandelions dot the lawn, and I watched with gratitude a rabbit gobble a whole round puffball.

The thermometer read 72° when I sat in the courtyard to have a cup of tea and savor the moment. My shadow frightened a bright-green frog basking on a succulent – it leaped onto heather, which can’t be quite so comfortable. Soon enough the wind stirred leaves, the quarter-inch green cherries, and miniscule plums. The temperature returned to a more familiar 52°.

June is rich in joy – visitors and travel – garden work and June bloom to paint. It will be fun this month to treat blossoms like birds – with pictures and field notes – leaving all of us time for summer pleasures. Enjoy!

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