This spring I watched a robin in the bath, its beak full of dried grass – in a seeming dither about whether to drop it or not before bathing, multi-tasking, just a quick dip before getting on with the chores.

I have never seen a robin come into the courtyard. Sometimes they land on the tall fence (far out of Frances reach) and use it as a launch zone for zeroing-in on lawn worms or insects.

From trees around the house robins sing lovely melodies – frequent and welcome. I try never to say, “It’s just a robin,” – even though they are ubiquitous – like us – year-around residents and always about.

1 thought on “Robin

  1. For me, a man from Tokyo, Robin was not ubiquitous
    existence. When I saw it first ever on my life here in
    London, I was so exited. And even after that, when I
    heard a bird singing in a late night, it took long time
    to realize it was a Robin defending his territory.
    Still, they are iconic bird for my eyes.

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