Winter Wren and a Thank-You

A little Internet bird research (with an interested Frances in my lap enjoying the visuals), paid off with the most gracious replies and permissions from two photographers, one from Britain, the other from the Pacific Northwest. They will let me use their amazing photos as reference for bird drawings.

I know a few birds by sight, and a few by song – and none well enough to ask them to pose for me. It’s a great privilege to look at these beautiful photos, and I’m excited to attempt to capture a resemblance with pen and watercolor (another challenge born of the blog).

Thank you to the fine photographers:

Steven Round

Christine Vadai, Birds of the Pacific Northwest

I’ll also list these addresses in the Acknowledgements – they’re a great reference.

Steve Round points out that his birds are mainly British species, but at my taxonomic level, a British Troglodytes looks like ours. And what we call the winter wren looks just like what the British call simply the wren – tomato, tomahto – I’m so happy to have this resource – thank you!

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