Garden Map

The wordsmith mused the other day: “Why we don’t name our houses like the English do?” (She’s heavy into “Wolf Hall.”) I admitted I had wanted to call this place Goodwood – both as a reminder of a family pronunciation of the valley south of Anchorage, where we spent a lot of time, and also because it is true. But there’s no reason for such a name.

In this country, naming a house or garden would be purely for fun. Practical people use proper street addresses. But practical gardeners do name garden beds. We identify for to-do lists and garden journal notes by calling areas after particular things or people. Sometimes in honor of and for heartfelt reasons like Rita’s Garden, and sometimes just for convenience like herb garden or garage bed.

This map for “Her spirits rose…,” is like a garden map in a garden book, simply indicating buildings and beds and orientation. Five years ago on a sunny day, I sat on a pile of lumber and drew a diagram imagining how soil from the foundation hole might be enriched and shaped into a front garden and a quad garden.

And now those garden beds are labeled on the map. The symbols are rudimentary and leave out all the sounds and smells that bring a garden to life, but it’s a start for telling the spring story.

And a reason for a name is to title a map!

3 thoughts on “Garden Map

  1. Ooooh, maps! They turn real-life places into magic wonder worlds. I’m doing some garden planning myself, and as a newbie gardener I’m completely overwhelmed–but creating a world on paper, going on a mission of discovery, adding “there be monsters” for the unknown … hmm, I like that! Thanks as always for much needed inspiration xo Julie

  2. Katy!
    Your blog is lovely! Ann sent it to me and it has come at the perfect time as I plan big things for gardens here at our home in New Hampshire. It is early here, but I’m late for the planning stage. I love your garden map. And I’m so glad you are so enjoying your home.

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